Relevant for: Netherlands
Language: English

A 23-year-old Dutch personal finance enthusiast dreaming of financial independence who recently started working full time in the financial sector. I write about my portfolio and updates, my opinions on stocks and strategies, and my journey to learn more and more about the world of finance. I am all up for friendly chatting and/or discussions about our mutual interest: Finance! Enjoy my blog and come say hi!

Money for the Modern Girl

Relevant for: United Kingdom
Language: English

This blog follows the thinking and journey to financial independence of a European (and now Brit too!) living in London. Married with one young child, I write about earning more, saving more and investing smartly while living in a HCL (high cost of living) area, taking examples directly from my life. In particular I cover ways to increase your income through work, redundancies and side hustles, savings and tax avoidance strategies, and being smart about your food costs and cooking.

Inversor Milennial

Inversor Millennial

Relevant for: Spain
Language: Spanish

In this blog I share all my experiences saving, investing, side hustling and walking towards financial independence. | Ahorro, finanzas personales, inversión y libertad financiera…contado por un millennial. En esta web comparto todo lo que sé sobre ahorro, inversión y libertad financiera. Tanto mis errores como aciertos, para que compartiendo aprendamos colectivamente.


Save It, Invest It

Relevant for: France
Language: English

I am Frenchie, 29, living in… France! France is a hardcore country to FIRE, but I think with perseverance and regularity it can be achieved. In this blog, I share my experience with FIRE, my opinions and knowledge about investing. See you on the blog!

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