Mustachian Post

Mustachian Post Blogroll

Mustachian Post

Relevant for: Switzerland
Language: English, French

A Swiss couple in their thirties with two kids aiming to reach FI by 40. The complete blog is also available in French. | Un couple suisse dans la trentaine avec deux enfants souhaitant atteindre l’indépendance financière à 40 ans. Le blog est entièrement disponible en anglais.

No More Waffles Blogroll

No More Waffles

Relevant for: Belgium
Language: English

A 26-year-old guy from Belgium who is trying to save and invest his way towards financial independence. He keeps this blog to stay motivated, inspire his readers, and learn from others.

The World's Worst Employee

The World’s Worst Employee

Relevant for: Denmark
Language: English

A 29-year-old guy currently living in Copenhagen who considers himself the world’s worst employee. He’s come to realize that he doesn’t really like working too much, and therefore plans to make his time in the workforce as pleasant and short as possible.

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