What Is a Country Ambassador?

What Is a Country Ambassador?

A country ambassador has two main roles:

  • To act as a central point of contact for people wanting information specific to their particular country. Each ambassador is responsible for managing all e-mails that are sent to their country-specific address.
  • To manage the country-specific content on this site, namely:
    • The blogs listed for their country in the Blogroll section: This involves searching for new blogs to add to the list, adding blogs suggested by other users, or removing blogs that are no longer relevant or that have become inactive.
    • The articles posted from these blogs on the main page. This involves posting relevant articles from the country’s blogs to the main page with a short introductory sentence.

How Much Work Is Involved?

This largely depends on the size of the country an ambassador represents and on how active its FIRE community is. Being a country ambassador for a big country like Germany with a very active FIRE community could involve quite a bit of work. Countries like that can have more than one ambassador. On the other hand, representing a small country where the concept of FIRE is practically unknown will be less time-consuming. Unless of course the country ambassador takes it upon themselves to bring FIRE to the country!

What About Privacy?

We do not publish the full names or e-mail addresses of country ambassadors on this site. We list first names only, and provide each country ambassador with their own FIREhub.eu e-mail address: country[at]firehub[dot]eu.

How Do I Become a Country Ambassador?

Just send us an e-mail at: hello[at]firehub[dot]eu

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