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The Full English Accompaniment – Why a seismic economic shift won’t happen. | The FIRE Shrink

Big changes to the global economy in the wake of the pandemic will not happen, says the FIRE Shrink and explains why. He also delivers a link festival of news and monthly updates from other blogs.

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Events July 2020

Events July 2020 The best thing in our community is to connect and meet in real life. There are many FIRE-related events and meetups here in Europe that are worth checking out – it’s a chance to meet your cult! At we try to centralize all of them in the form of an event calendar. You can check out the published ones for July by following the link or looking at the picture below: Upcoming Events London FI July Online…

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Blog Post of the Month – June 2020

Are you new to the concept of FIRE (financial independence, retire early)? Or have you ever wondered what all these acronyms and formulas (“4% SWR”, “25x annual expenses”) are really all about? Or maybe you have a colleague or a friend you would like to send a link to explain the basics of FIRE? Plain figures and charts are nice, but wrapped in a personal story, it gets more tangible and real, right? Mr. MP lives in Switzerland with his…

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Build Discipline by Not Checking Accounts (Monthly Challenge) | MonkWealth

The title says it all, and the article explains why and how you can do it. And you can extend the challenge to other areas of your life (what about eating too much sugar or spending way too much time on your smarthphone?)

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Please Welcome Our New Bloggers (June 2020)

Please Welcome Our New Bloggers (June 2020) As the summer heats up and the lockdown restrictions start to lift, it feels like we’re coming out of hibernation here at FIREhub HQ. We hope you’re all keeping safe and enjoying the sunshine. Please give a warm welcome to our new bloggers for June 2020. P.S. Don’t forget to give us feedback – what could we do better and what new features should we add to the site? Financial Independence Blogs Finumus…

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