Back a the start of October we launched a competition to celebrate’s 1st birthday. We asked you to tell us what you like about FIREhub and give us some suggestions on how we can improve and what new features you’d like to see. A big thank you to all of you who sent us suggestions. Today we’re happy to announce the winners, who will each get an FI book of their choice (drumroll please…).

1st Place: { in·deed·a·bly }

Run a weekly/monthly “blogger-in-residence” series. Select a blogger (preferably somebody who isn’t already well known), interview them with a interesting set of questions to let the community get to know them better. Reward them by with a prize or by highlighting their posts while they are the current “featured” subject.

A starter list of questions might include:
– who are they?
– what do they stand for?
– what is their backstory?
– what are they working towards?
– what is their “why”?
– how much is their “enough” (e.g. a withdrawal rate, a certain network, a certain recurring income level, etc)?
– how do they choose to define/measure FI?

Link these profiles together into some form of blogger directory that builds up over time, so that you end up with a “who’s who” in the blogging world reference, rather than just the telephone directory style blogger lists that exist elsewhere.

2nd Place: Sonia @ Money for the Modern Girl

I already know a lot of FIRE blogs and podcasts, but I am constantly looking for new ones, new gems that I just can’t live without. And in particular I want to find European or UK ones (I live in the UK). FIREhub is amazing in this respect, but as it grows it is increasingly difficult to sift through new additions.

I’d like to be able to go to the blog or podcast list and filter by: language, country, main topic, year started, anything else special.

And if you want to be even more fancy: is the blogger FIRE? Age? You know, I’m unlikely to feel inspired by someone who is half my age and closer to FIRE than I am…

I like your newsletter but I also like to be subscribed directly to the blogs that I love, and filter out the noise.

3rd Place: HJV

When you publish more articles at the same time, often they all get the same author name.

(Note: The name referred to here is actually the user name of the curator who published the article to our feed, and not the name of the blog from which the article comes. This is a misunderstanding caused by some of our curators using their blog names as their user names. We admit it’s confusing and we’re going to do something about it asap).

Congratulations to our winners. As promised, we’ll try to implement your suggestions as soon as humanly possible. We’ll be in touch by e-mail regarding the prizes.

Remember, even though the competition is over you can still give us feedback at any time!