Please Welcome Our New Bloggers (October 2018)

We’re happy to announce that the gentle flow of new blogs being submitted to us has now become a tidal wave. We can hardly keep up with them all but we’re really happy to discover each new blog. Our community is growing guys! So from now on we’ll be welcoming our new bloggers once a month rather than once a quarter, otherwise these posts will just get stupidly long. This month we’ve reached a big milestone: 200 European FI blogs!…

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How to Deal with Unexpected Expenses

Sonia from Money for the Modern Girl had some mishaps this month that caused unexpected expenses. Read on to find out what they were, how she dealt with them and what steps she’s taking to minimise the possibility of these specific expenses reoccurring…

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FIREhub.eu Article

Happy Birthday FIREhub!

Yup, it’s hard to believe, but FIREhub is one year old. It really doesn’t feel like a whole year has passed since six of us gathered around a whiteboard during FIWE Extra 2017 and brainstormed about our big new idea for building a home for the European FI community. A lot has happened since then, and a lot continues to happen. We’ve put a lot of work into FIREhub but we’ve also had a lot of fun building it and…

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