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Bloggers on FIRE – Banker on FIRE

Bloggers on FIRE – Banker on FIRE In our Bloggers on FIRE series, we interview European FI bloggers to find out what makes them tick. Our aim is to build up a “who’s who” directory for the European FI blogging world. We hope you enjoy the series and discover some new blogs to follow. You can find a full list of our Bloggers on FIRE interviews here. Please briefly introduce yourself to FIREhub.eu readers As the blog name suggests, I…

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Introducing firedating.me – The World’s First Ever FIRE Dating Site

Introducing firedating.me – The World’s First Ever FIRE Dating Site In case you haven’t already heard, an exciting new website has just been launched for the FIRE community – firedating.me. We thought we’d grab the chance to interview its creator and find out all about it. What is firedating.me? Can you sum it up in a couple of sentences for us? firedating.me is the first ever dating website specifically for the FIRE community. If you’re all set with dating (lucky…

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