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Gemfinder Q4 2019 – Goals & Promises | Foxy Monkey

Did you set any new year’s resolutions or financial goals for 2020? Michael from Foxy Monkey has advice on how to better achieve what you want. Plus a ton of interesting (commented!) links to articles related to FIRE, investing and more.

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The Escape Artist Blogroll

Financial Independence is for Everyone (Part 3) | The Escape Artist

During 5 morning sessions, The Escape Artist explained Financial Independence to construction workers without mentioning the term Financial Independence. Because FI should not only be for the middle class.

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Blog Post of the Month

Blog Post of the Month – December 2019

“Everybody needs a budget!”, “build up an emergency fund of 3 to 6 months of expenses”, “renting is better than buying a house” – these are just some of the opinions and advice you can read on personal finance blogs. But is the (finance) world all black and white, or are there shades of grey, exceptions to the rules or cases where it depends? The blog article that received the most interest last month here on FIREhub tries to debunk…

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Compound Your Freedom Article

How to Avoid Lifestyle Inflation to Achieve Financial Independence | Compound Your Freedom

How much of your income should be spent on housing? What about the cost and time spent commuting to work? Compound Your Freedom shares his insights with us.

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How Much Money Is Enough To Live The Good Life? Part I | Route 2 FI

“As we get richer, each additional unit of money will be less and less valuable to us, until we reach a point where it doesn’t make sense to pursue more.” This prediction by the economical philosopher Keynes was wrong. Here’s why we don’t have 15-hour work weeks.

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