Eyes on the Goal

Why I am Sceptical about Bitcoin

“Bitcoin was the ultimate Utopia of freedom, but the system is broken”. In this interesting guest post on Eyes on the Goal, discover the reasons why the author sees Bitcoin skeptically for our society, our environment, and our economy.

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Old_What Life Could Be Article

FIWE 2017 – A Participant’s Perspective

Still not sure whether to apply for Financial Independence Week Europe 2018 this June? Read this very well structured and rich article written by Sarah about her experiences at last year’s event on Mr. & Mrs. W’s blog What Life Could Be. You still have one week to apply for this awesome FIRE event.

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Dividend Cake

1 Year Anniversary Blog

The life of Saint Valentine, teaching kids financial literacy, an interesting graph on Belgian taxes along with a personal look back on one year of blogging – it’s all in Dividend Cake’s special blog post. Happy Blogday, Patrick!

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Retire in Progress Article

My Take on Cryptocurrencies – Part 1: The Ugly

Mr. RIP from Retire in Progress could already be a multi-millionaire and retired early if only he’d bought Bitcoin back in 2013 when he first heard of it. But would he have stayed invested all of the time or suffered several heart attacks?

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The Past & The Future – The Beginning of a New Year

“We don’t budget, have no financial targets, and make no use of a yearly financial model or plan.” Still, the Divnomics couple compiled an interesting article looking back on 2017 and taking a philosophical look ahead to the future.

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