Somewhere in your journey to FIRE, you most probably do the maths to see when working for money would become optional. Some people, including bloggers, even have a countdown, counting the years, month, days until they can quit their job because they have saved enough money to live off.

But what if something changes on the path to FIRE? Are your calculations correct? What if the money you saved is not enough!?

Weenie from Quietly saving is getting nervous as her goal of FIRE gets closer and is asking herself some of these questions. Her article “Only Sixty Left” received the most interest last month here on FIREhub. (Spoiler: the “sixty” refer to the number of months left for Weenie)

If you want to read more about Weenie’s backstory and her journey to FIRE, we interviewed her a few months ago: Bloggers on FIRE – Quietly Saving.