Are you new to the concept of FIRE (financial independence, retire early)? Or have you ever wondered what all these acronyms and formulas (“4% SWR”, “25x annual expenses”) are really all about? Or maybe you have a colleague or a friend you would like to send a link to explain the basics of FIRE?

Plain figures and charts are nice, but wrapped in a personal story, it gets more tangible and real, right? Mr. MP lives in Switzerland with his wife and two kids and is on his way to retiring early (i.e. stop working for money) at age 40. He shares his real numbers (in Swiss franks (CHF), but it could also be € or $), his “aha-moment” and his steps to saving more and more money. But above all, he explains the basic metrics behind FIRE. No previous knowledge required to read and understand his article.

FIRE calculation (aka Financial Independence/Retire Early)” by Mustachian Post is our blog post of the month of June 2020. Enjoy and forward!