“It’s a bad plan that cannot be changed” says an Italian proverb. A young FIRE blogger from Norway had the ambitious plan to retire within 5 years, when he would be 36 years old. He wrote down a detailed plan how to realise this goal. Now, a little over half a year later, the blogger changed his plan. He reduced his FIRE number, i.e. the amount of money he thinks he needs to retire early, and also touched a well-known figure: “the 4%-rule is being a bit conservative form me”, he states and continues: “I’m only 32 years old. Do you really think I’m never going to earn a $ again for the rest of my life? Of course not!”

Route2FI considers a worst case scenario, and how much he can earn when he will be an early retiree. He cuts down his initial plan of 5 years to less than 3 years. Read all the details with his thoughts and calculations in the blog post of the month of October over at Route2FI: 2 years And 8 Months Left Until Financial Independence – This Is My Plan!

If you want to read more about Route2FI’s backstory and his journey to FIRE, we interviewed him a few months ago: Bloggers on FIRE – Route2FI.