Every first day of the month, I open the statistics that reveal – among many other data – the article here on FIREhub.eu that has been most clicked on in the last month. Every time I am curious when I open this statistic: Will it be a blogger interview? An article about the joys of early retirement? A more philosophical or a more practically orientated article?

This month, it was definetely an article that falls in the latter category. The article of the month of October is about ““A secondary business or job that brings in, or has the potential to bring in extra income”. 25% of the Brits have one (or more). After some statistics and background information, the article gives 12 ideas for side-hustles. Some of the ideas can be realised online, others offline. Discover them all over at The Humble Penny: 12 Best Side Hustle Ideas to Make Extra Money. The author Ken also made a video containing the side hustle ideas, you will find it if you scroll down in his article.