Save a lot, invest wisely and in a couple of years you can say goodbye to the job you hate: no more commuting to work, no more boring meetings, annoying bosses or co-workers! You have done the math, you will use the 4% safe withdrawal rate and all will work out perfectly. There are already bloggers who retired early, this proves that it’s possible. You just need to be 100% focused on your goal and your growing net worth.

Most of us FIRE seekers have experienced moments of euphoria on our way to FIRE, where everything seemed as easy and appealing as described above. The reality is more complex. The Poor Swiss made a list of 9 Things that are Terribly Wrong with FIRE . Are you making some of the mistakes he lists in his article? Do you share his criticism on parts of the FIRE community?

If you want to read more about The Poor Swiss and his journey to FIRE, we interviewed him a few months ago: Bloggers on FIRE – The Poor Swiss.