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Fueradelarueda exp


Relevant for: Austria, Spain
Language: Spanish

My blog helps you to change your way of thinking about money and give you some ideas on how to change your way of thinking about financial issues. | Si estas en mi página es porque quieres salir de la rueda de hámster y ser libre. Mi blog te ayuda a cambiar tu forma de pensar sobre dinero y darte unas ideas de cómo cambiar tu forma de pensar acerca de temas financieras.

Amigo Inversor exp

Amigo Inversor

Relevant for: Spain
Language: Spanish

Think big, be consistent and remember that the economy goes in cycles. Investor in the stock market and real estate. Entrepreneur. | Piensa en grande, se constante y recuerda que son ciclos económicos. Inversor en Bolsa y Bienes Raíces. Emprendedor.

The English Investor exp

The English Investor

Relevant for: United Kingdom
Language: English

As a 30 something millennial-finance-lawyer-turned-blogger, I’m saving, investing and seeking new opportunities. Hopefully, that’s also you. With the English Investor, the idea is to form a community to navigate the mess changes that we can expect in the next few years, in the United Kingdom but also in Europe.

Sparkle Bee's Journey to FI Blogroll

Sparkle Bee’s Journey to FI

Relevant for: United Kingdom
Language: English

I live in the UK, am in my 40s and have been looking at my life and how I seem to have spent more of my time working and no time ‘doing things I love’. Yeh, its probably that ‘mid-life crisis’ that people talk about. The break-up of my 20-year relationship and being made redundant has changed my mind on all this and made me realise I need to make FI my goal and release me from the work treadmill.

Pursue FIRE exp

Pursue FIRE

Relevant for: United Kingdom
Language: English

My name is Dan and I’m 42-years old. I live a normal life in the beautiful countryside of the South East of England, with my wonderful wife and three young children (three girls 6 years and under….. yikes!) There’s one overarching reason why I am obsessed with the topic of achieving financial freedom and retiring early: “I want to spend my time with people I love, doing things that really matter”.

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