Smart Life

Smart Life

Relevant for: Slovakia
Language: Slovak

Smart Life is the knowledge, skills and support you need to achieve your financial freedom in as little as ten years. Live a full and meaningful life now. | Program Smart Life sú vedomosti, zručnosti a podpora, ktoré potrebujete na dosiahnutie vašej finančnej slobody už do desiatich rokov. Žite plnohodnotný a zmysluplný život teraz.

Papučový investor

Relevant for: Slovakia
Language: Slovak

The mission of the Papučový investor is to teach how to make a profitable investment. Learning in the sense of “knowing how” and learn in the sense of “to build a habit.” Poslaním Papučového investora je naučiť Ťa výnosne investovať. Naučiť v zmysle „vedieť ako“ a naučiť v zmysle „vybudovať návyk“.

Skejwin exp


Relevant for: Czechia
Language: Czech

Blog about general investing in stocks, ETFs and P2P, building of passive income and the author’s journey to financial independence. | Blog o investování do akcií, ETF a P2P, budování pasivního příjmu a autorově cestě za finanční nezávislostí.

Financial Chipmunk exp

Financial Chipmunk

Relevant for: Netherlands
Language: English

This blog is all about personal finance from a European perspective. Specifically The Netherlands. It’s brutally honest in giving financial details and helps readers on matters such as investing, saving, reaching financial independence, etc. It’s a blog that uses not a lot of jargon and explains everything in a clear manner.

Frugal Personal Finance exp

Frugal Personal Finance

Relevant for: Ireland
Language: English

I’m James, late thirties single male working towards FIRE since mid-2018. I blog about the fugal habits, investments and property investing ambitions that I am involved in while striving to maximise my free time. I am also in the process of minimising my life, changing my habits for the benefit of the environment and learning new DIY skills.

Frugality Magazine exp

Frugality Magazine

Relevant for: United Kingdom
Language: English

From drowning in debt to gaining financial control this blog charts a real-life financial transformation and the lessons learned along the way. The author started the site to keep himself accountable, while struggling to keep up with even the minimum payments on his consumer debt. Six years later and he’s paid off his debt, bought his first home and has savings and investments for the future.

Travel Inspire Connect exp

Travel Inspire Connect

Relevant for: Spain
Language: English

I achieved FI, quit my career, sold everything and moved to Valencia, Spain to fulfill a dream and live a slower-paced, higher-quality lifestyle. I write about Spanish Culture, European Budget Travel, Financial Independence, and Mindful Living.

Libre Financiero exp

Libre Financiero

Relevant for: Spain
Language: Spanish

This blog focuses on how to achieve financial independence and avoid the rat race we are all into. Several steps are shared in order to achieve financial independence and investment strategies to accomplish this goal. Besides, the blog includes several posts with financial tricks and experiences so that everyone can take advantage of them. | ¿Quieres dejar de depender de un trabajo y aprovechar al máximo tu vida? Claro que es posible, con lo que aprenderás en este blog podrás alcanzar la independencia financiera y ser libre para disfrutar de tu tiempo.

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