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Relevant for: Austria
Language: German

Businessman, investor, mountaineer and athlete, connoisseur and hobby cook, book, theater and film fan who lives on a farm. This blog shows my long-term dividend and investment strategy and my belief in personal responsibility and financial independence. | Kaufmann, Investor, Bergsteiger und Sportler, Genießer und Hobbykoch, Buch-, Theater- und Filmfan und lebt am Bauernhof. Dieser Blog zeigt meine langfristige Dividenden- und Investmentstrategie und meinen Glauben an Selbstverantwortung und die finanzielle Unabhängigkeit.

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Relevant for: Austria, Spain
Language: Spanish

My blog helps you to change your way of thinking about money and give you some ideas on how to change your way of thinking about financial issues. | Si estas en mi página es porque quieres salir de la rueda de hámster y ser libre. Mi blog te ayuda a cambiar tu forma de pensar sobre dinero y darte unas ideas de cómo cambiar tu forma de pensar acerca de temas financieras.

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My Financial Freedom

Relevant for: Austria
Language: English helps you develop your path to financial freedom – topics covered include gaining control over your personal finances, savings, passive income streams and investments – accompanied by perspective on current developments in the financial services industry. The blog was previously published in German, but is now in English.

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