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Relevant for: Austria, Spain
Language: Spanish

My blog helps you to change your way of thinking about money and give you some ideas on how to change your way of thinking about financial issues. | Si estas en mi página es porque quieres salir de la rueda de hámster y ser libre. Mi blog te ayuda a cambiar tu forma de pensar sobre dinero y darte unas ideas de cómo cambiar tu forma de pensar acerca de temas financieras.

Meine Finanzielle Freiheit

Meine finanzielle Freiheit

Relevant for: Austria
Language: German

A 36-year old father of two takes his financial destiny in his own hands! His blog wants to help its readers to pursue financial independence by achieving control over personal finances, saving vigorously, generating passive income streams, and investing successfully.

36-jähriger Vater zweier Kinder nimmt sein finanzielles Schicksal selbst in die Hand! Sein Blog will seinen Lesern helfen, Wege zur finanziellen Freiheit zu entwickeln – es geht um die Themen Kontrolle über die eigenen finanziellen Angelegenheiten, Sparen, passive Einkommensquellen und Investments. 

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