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Relevant for: Belgium, Digital Nomads
Language: English

Building financial independence is like unlocking your true potential to do what’s most important to you. Reaching financial independence is like having a superpower. All of a sudden you can do almost anything! What if we used this superpower to make the world a better place! That is what is all about. And we need you! Join us so that we can have a bigger positive impact together!

You can listen to Sebastien’s interviews on the FI Europe Podcast here and here.

Fight to FIRE

Fight to FIRE

Relevant for: Belgium
Language: English

I’m a 28 year old Belgian trying to fight his way towards financial independence and hoping to retire early at around 35 – 40. My road to FIRE is a constant battle with myself, with what I need and what I want. I share my personal struggles and drivers on my blog. I invite you to discuss and share your own experiences in regards to the things I share on my blog. See you there!

You can read Fight to FIRE’s Bloggers on FIRE interview here.

Transaction Bourse

Transaction Bourse

Relevant for: Belgium
Language: French

Blog for value investors. We write about the stock market, value and dividends investments. | Blog pour les investisseurs dans la valeur. Nous écrivons des articles sur les opportunités en actions et sur les investissements en dividendes et dans la valeur.

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