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Caruta cu Bani

Caruta cu Bani

Relevant for: Romania
Language: Romanian

The Romanian sister website to Money Caravan, written by a Romanian living in Belgium. The blog is aimed at making a small contribution to improving financial education among Romanians and to provide information about real estate investing in Romania. | Blogul-pereche al blogului Money Caravan, scris de un blogger român care trăiește în Belgia. Blogul își propune să facă o contrubuție la educația financiară a românilor și să ofere informații espre investiții imobiliare în România.

Early Retirement in UK

Relevant for: Romania, United Kingdom
Language: English

In his peak state an unstoppable genius, at his lowest a lazy guy who like to watch Game of Thrones or play LoL / HoS / Hearthstone.  This website is about very early retirement and financial freedom, with a pinch of stoic minimalism and just the right amount of frugality.

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