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Relevant for: Sweden
Language: English

I am around 30 years Swedish Dentist who is a Dividend Investor, hence SWE DEN DIV IN. I am the guy on the path to Financial Independence. I am one of the only FIRE bloggers out of Sweden who posts in English and I post everything from my monthly net worth and all income and expenditures to information about the everyday work of a dentist. Join me on this journey!

Rika Tillsammans


Relevant for: Sweden
Language: Swedish

Rika Tillsammans (Rich together) is a popular and easily accessible blog/vlog about personal finance. Main point is how to build a “money making machine” by passive investments in index funds. | Rika Tillsammans är en populär och lättillgänglig blogg/videoblogg om privatekonomi. Huvudpoängen kretsar kring hur man bygger en “pengamaskin” genom passivt investerande i indexfonder.

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