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Ung Med Penge

Ung med Penge

Relevant for: Denmark
Language: Danish
Main Focus: Personal Finance

I’m a 23 year old young guy who shares my journey towards financial independence. The main focus of the blog is my monthly portfolio updates besides a lot of educational content on subjects like personal finance and investing. | Jeg er ung fyr på 23 år, der deler ud af mine erfaringer på min rejse mod økonomisk uafhængighed. Min blog består primært af mine månedlige opdateringer sammen med en stor mængde af indhold målrettet privatøkonomi og investering, som du kan blive klogere på.

Vida Plena y Productiva exp

Vida Plena y Productiva

Relevant for: Spain
Language: Spanish
Main Focus: Personal Finance

In this blog I talk about personal finance, investing, and all the tools you need to be self reliant and finally achieve financial independence. I share my personal experience and well as provide online and offline tools, to help manage your finances. | En este blog hablo sobre finanzas personales, inversión y sobre todas las herramientas que necesitas para ser financieramente autosuficiente y alcanzar la libertad financiera. Comparto mi experiencia personal y comparto herramientas online y descargables para ayudarte a manejar tus finanzas personales.

KM-Finanzen exp


Relevant for: Switzerland
Language: German
Main Focus: Personal Finance

KM-Finanzen ist ein Schweizer Finanzblogger mit Masterdiplom. Er gibt unabhängige finanzielle Tipps um Dir den bewussten Umgang mit Geld zu zeigen.

Money Side Up exp

Money-Side Up

Relevant for: United Kingdom
Language: English
Main Focus: Personal Finance

My blog is about helping people to feel more optimistic about personal finance. I use scientific research and my own personal experience to break down the barriers to saving money and investing. I originally created the blog to document my experience of trying to achieve ‘financial independence’ on an average UK salary. Then I came to realise the importance of having a positive relationship with money and how science and psychology of money can help with this.

Money Mage 2 exp

Money Mage

Relevant for: United Kingdom
Language: English
Main Focus: Personal Finance

Who doesn’t want more money? Who doesn’t want a higher paid job with fewer hours? Who doesn’t want to semi-retire tomorrow? Unless you are in the top 20% of earners, you’re becoming relatively poorer every day. The capitalist, consumerist draws on your frugal lifestyle make such dreams seem unrealistic. I am Money Mage and I’ll be writing on wealth, using money wisely, savings and investments, living frugally, frugality hacks, living well, looking after yourself, and having fun.

HetGeldCollege exp

Relevant for: Netherlands
Language: Dutch
Main Focus: Personal Finance

I help people create more time and freedom in there lives. I do this by blogging about what works for me, and what doesn’t on my own road to FIRE and ultimate freedom. This way other Dutch millennials can learn from me and thereby gain more financial insights for themselves. | Ik help mensen meer tijd en meer financiële vrijheid te creëeren door te bloggen over wat voor mij werkt en niet werkt. Op deze manier kunnen andere Nederlandse millenials leren van mijn verhaal, om zo meer financiële inzichten voor zichzelf te creëeren.

Finanzglück exp


Relevant for: Germany
Language: German
Main Focus: Personal Finance

This German blogger wants to have control over how he lives his life. That’s why he’s working towards reaching financial independence while he’s still young and fresh. | Dieser deutsche Blogger möchte ein selbstbestimmteres und damit glücklicheres Leben führen. Deshalb arbeitet er daran seine finanzielle Freiheit zu erlangen, solange er noch jung und knackig ist.

You can read Nico’s Bloggers on FIRE interview here.

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