Cheesy Finance Blogroll

Cheesy Finance

Relevant for: Netherlands
Language: English

Cheesy Finance Dutch couple with kid on their way to Financial Independence | Nederlands koppel met kind op weg naar Financiële Onafhankelijkheid Podcasts: https://financial-independence.eu/podcast/episode-019-reaching-financial-independence-and-paying-wealth-tax-netherlands-cheesy-finance/

Retire in Progress Blogroll

Retire in Progress

Relevant for: Italy, Switzerland
Language: English

Retire in Progress Mr RIP is an Italian software engineer who’s been living in Switzerland since 2012, and this is his blog about his journey to FIRE. Podcasts: https://firehub.eu/podcast-interview-with-mr-rip-from-retireinprogress-com-by-financial-independence-eu/



Relevant for: Germany
Language: German

Entertaining with his unique style of analysing situations and products, sometimes based on readers’ questions. Finanzwesir advocates a simple, passive approach to investing, but features many other investment styles in his weekly review of finance articles. One of the biggest German person finance blogs, which also has a podcast.

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