Mrs. Money Hacker

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Mrs. Money Hacker

Relevant for: Ireland
Language: English

Hi! I’m Meagan, I’m a Canadian living in Ireland sharing my findings from many hours of research and analysis around the topic of FIRE in both Ireland and Canada. A business analyst by trade, I spend much of my free time playing (yes playing) in spreadsheets analyzing varying assumptions on wealth accumulation and retirement and summarize findings in the blog. I also try to look at country averages to make the content more widely relatable. I’d love if you followed along!

You can listen to Meagan’s interview on the Irish FIRE Podcast here.

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A Way to Less exp

A Way to Less

Relevant for: United Kingdom
Language: English

We are a professional couple in our late 20’s / early 30’s. This blog is intended to share our thought on the topics we care about. This includes financial independence, travel, minimalism and mental health. Having been avid readers of various other FIRE/travel related blogs we wanted to document our own journey. Reading other blogs has taught us a lot and we see this as our opportunity to give back to the community!

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Christian Mitteldorf

Relevant for: Denmark
Language: Danish

Christian Mitteldorf writes about personal finance, saving, investing and his journey towards Financial Independence. Filled with practical tips and advice, and lots of very personal stories, to teach you and inform you about his mistakes. He teaches you how to invest your own money like Warren Buffett — for the very long term, and how to make your money work for YOU, so you don’t have to work for someone else.

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Financial Imagineer

Relevant for: Switzerland
Language: English

Matt is a financially independent economist who has left “big corporate” back in 2017 in order to create his dream life. This blog is about sharing the stories and lessons learnt on his journey in order to empower readers to financially imagineer their lives too. What does that mean? Dare to dream BIG: reach financial independence, retire early or retire to entrepreneurship, travel the world, grow and invest in yourself.

Get Financial Independence exp

Get Financial Independence

Relevant for: Germany
Language: English

GetFI is a blog focused on Financial Independence (not as much on Retire Early). It is a blog by an Indian immigrant in Germany, and his struggle to navigate through the specifics of becoming FI here. The blog aims to be a both a guide and support for its readers who are taking on similar goals.

A Simple Life Blogroll exp

A Simple Life

Relevant for: United Kingdom
Language: English

A Simple Life is about ideas for ‘simple living, saving money and being well’. Since discovering the financial independence/retire early movement I have been sharing my progress on my journey to save more money whilst living a full, but simple life. I love personal development books, both about financial independence and health and wellbeing and often post reviews of books that I love.

Radical FIRE exp

Radical FIRE

Relevant for: Netherlands
Language: English

I am a Dutchie passionate about the Financial Independence and Retire Early (FIRE) community. I want to empower YOU to be financially independent if you choose to be, because everyone can do it! I am taking you on my journey to be FIRE by the age of 35, let’s do it!

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OdysseytoFIRE Blogroll exp


Relevant for: Digital Nomads
Language: English

Hi folks! I’m blogging under the pseudonym of Odysseus, born in the ’80s, married, father of 2 lovely kids and a not so lovely dog, living in Europe and aiming for the Financial Independence and Early Retirement (FIRE) by 2028. As Odysseus, that took 10 years on his journey back home after the fall of Troy, my intention is to share with you the challenges and accomplishments during my personal odyssey to FIRE. Investment focus: Dividend Growth Stocks, REITS, Bonds, ETFs and P2P.

You can read Odysseus’s Bloggers on FIRE interview here.

Impactivated exp


Relevant for: Belgium, Digital Nomads
Language: English

Building financial independence is like unlocking your true potential to do what’s most important to you. Reaching financial independence is like having a superpower. All of a sudden you can do almost anything! What if we used this superpower to make the world a better place! That is what is all about. And we need you! Join us so that we can have a bigger positive impact together!

You can listen to Sebastien’s interview on the FI Europe Podcast here.

HonestFIRE exp


Relevant for: Lithuania
Language: Lithuanian

I’m 90s kid writing about FIRE. I am going untraditional way of holding most of my portfolio in P2P and STOs to create a cashflow. Young age = more risk tolerance. I am currently doing 500 Euro/month in Vilnius Old Town challenge. I have shared my experiences about traveling in North-East USA for 16 days for 600 dollars. If you believe in FIRE, I believe you will like my blog. 🙂 | Aš esu 90-tųjų vaikis, rašantis apie FIRE. Finansinės laisvės siekiu netradiciniu keliu – mano investicinis portfelis sudarytas iš P2P investicijų ir STO, kurie kuria pinigų srautą. Jaunas amžius = didesnė rizikos tolerancija. Šiuo metu darau 500 Eur Vilniaus Senamiestyje iššūkį. Taip pat dalinausi savo kelionių patirtimi Šiaurės Rytų Amerikoje, kai 16 dienų kelionė man atsiėjo vos 600 dolerių. Jeigu domiesi ankstyva finansine laisve, tikiu, jog tau patiks mano blogas. 🙂

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