Balansere 1 exp


Relevant for: Norway
Language: Norwegian

A blog about striving for a balanced life — a life that balances my desires and needs with the requirements I face in a good way. This is not a perfect life, but rather a life that gives room for spending my time as I want to. Financial independence is paramount in achieving this.

Veel voor Minder exp

Veel voor Minder

Relevant for: Netherlands
Language: Dutch

This blog is meant as a personal log in the journey to financial independence. To provide insights into my own journey, administration, and ideas. So that my lessons are noted, and others can benefit from it. Purely and only for the purpose “do a lot with less”. And with less I mean the moment that I can stop collecting active income and work. I do work to live (and specifically not live to work), but also to do fun things now and later. Later is after a certain retirement date. | Dit blog is bedoeld een persoonlijke log in de reis naar financieel onafhankelijkheid. Om inzichten te geven in mijn eigen reis, administratie en ideeën. Zodat mijn lessen zijn genoteerd, en andere daar ook van kunnen profiteren. Puur en alleen voor het doel “veel doen met minder”. En met minder bedoel ik het moment dat ik kan stoppen met actief inkomen vergaren, werken. Voor later na een zekere pensioen datum.

You can read Veel voor Minder’s Bloggers on FIRE interview here.

Polivas Panvas FI exp

Povilas Panavas FI

Relevant for: Lithuania
Language: Lithuanian

The blog started as Personal Development blog in 2009 and later moved solely to FIRE sphere. Interviews with the author have been published in the largest media and business portals in Lithuania (Delfi and Verslo zinios). The main difference is the level of details available. The monthly post always shows the exact net worth, and all the portfolios I have in different accounts. The author has been living in United Kingdom for the past 6 years which shows up in the content. | Blogas buvo pradėtas dar 2009 metais kaip Asmeninio tobulėjimo blogas. Su laiku tai tapo finansinės nepriklausomybės (FIRE) puslapiu. Interviu su autoriumi buvo paskelbti Delfi ir Verslo žinių portaluose. Kiekvieną mėnesį pateikiama detali visų mano portfelių statistika. Konkreti mano turto vertė (net worth) bei atlikti sprendimai bei taupymo progresas.

Kaskoe exp


Relevant for: Netherlands
Language: Dutch

Kaskoe is my alter ego. With my dividend growth portfolio I created a passive income to become financially independent. On Kaskoe I write about subjects that have to do with dividend growth investing and financial independence. | Kaskoe is mijn alter ego. Met mijn beleggingen genereer ik voldoende inkomen om mijzelf financieel onafhankelijk te mogen noemen. Op Kaskoe schrijf ik over onderwerpen die te maken hebben met dividendbeleggen en financiële onafhankelijkheid.

10arsplanen exp


Relevant for: Sweden
Language: Swedish

A personal finance blog about a ten year long journey to freedom, that’s the thought at least. I’ll get there via tiny everyday life hacks and smart financial choices. I hope you want to tag along for a fun ride and support me with tips and jolly old cheers along the way? | Ekonomiblogg om en ti år lång frihetsresa, det är tanken. Genom små lifehacks i vardagen och smarta privatekonomiska val ska jag nå dit. Hoppas du vill följa med på en kul tur och stötta mig med tips och hejarop under vägen?

Financial Independence Rocks! exp

Financial Independence Rocks!

Relevant for: Germany
Language: English, German

Hiya, I’m a German blogger, sharing the knowledge I gained on my path to FI(RE), and my thoughts on the good life – hence the subline in the blog’s name. I retired from the corporate world just before my 49th birthday to pursue ventures directed by my interests rather than the need to earn a high income. I’d love to inspire and motivate you along your own personal finance journey. See you on the blog!

You can read Katrin’s Bloggers on FIRE interview here (or the German version here).

Wannabe Walden Blogroll exp

Wannabe Walden

Relevant for: Denmark
Language: English

Loui (writer on WW) is deeply inspired by the old book by Henry Thoreau, called “Walden”. Henry Thoreau went out to the woods, build a small house and lived there for two years. He then wrote “Walden” on how we all could benefit from living a more simple life. Wannabe Walden is a modern version on how we can implement this simple way of living and quitting the rat race. Loui would like to do the same as Thoreau, but on a boat instead. Follow his journey.

You can read Loui’s Bloggers on FIRE interview here.

Ditch the Cave Blogroll 1 exp

Ditch the Cave

Relevant for: United Kingdom
Language: English

My blog is sort of about money and financial independence (…OK FIRE if you must). But it’s not really about that – because that’s not really what life’s about. My blog is about more than money. Its about health, and relationships, and sleep, and books, and hobbies. In short it’s about everything to do with being happy, or at least my journey to becoming happier.

You can read Caveman’s Bloggers on FIRE interview here.

Baltic Mustache exp

Baltic Mustache

Relevant for: Lithuania
Language: Lithuanian

We are a young couple under 30, seeking for financial independence in Lithuania (North-east Europe). Our numbers and approach should be very interesting for people living in Western part of Europe, since it is incredibly cheaper to live in Baltic states considering life quality you get. It is still developing country, so there are many tricks and tips to live comfortably and still frugal.  |  Mes esame jauna pora, įpusėjusi į trečiąjį gyvenimo dešimtmetį, norinti pasidalinti mintimis apie kelionę į finansinę nepriklausomybę. Pabandę siekti šio tikslo, supratome, kad tai įmanoma ne tik JAV ar Vakarų Europoje, tačiau ir Lietuvoje. Nuoširdžiai tikime laisvesnio bei prasmingesnio gyvenimo idėja, todėl, dalindamiesi savo mintimis, stengsimės įkvėpti, patarti ir mokytis kartu.

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