Stupid Is the Norm

Stupid Is the Norm

Struikelen new exp


Relevant for: Netherlands
Language: Dutch
Main Focus: Personal Development

Zelfstandig werkende alleenstaande moeder die de verschillende domeinen in haar leven probeert te combineren; niet altijd even succesvol, maar toch met een gestage groei naar financiële vrijheid.

Sebastian Aguilar exp

Sebastien Aguilar

Relevant for: Belgium
Language: English
Main Focus: YouTube Channels

After reaching financial independence at 33, Sebastien shares his journey and experience to help and inspire others. He runs the Financial Independence community in Belgium where he helps people to take control of their finances so that they can live more and give more. Sebastien specializes in index ETF investing, financial independence planning and #FIforImpact.

The Irish FIRE Podcast exp

The Irish FIRE Podcast

Relevant for: Ireland
Language: English
Main Focus: Podcasts

My name is Michael and I am on a journey towards financial independence. Originally from New Zealand and now living in Ireland, I am happily married and a father of three boys. In 2017 I made the decision to start to journey towards financial freedom. I was sick of selling my time for money and realised that through the power of compounding interest, I could work towards financial independence. Join me as I discuss my journey towards financial independence.

You can listen to Michael’s interview on the FI Europe Podcast here.

FI Europe Podcast exp

FI Europe Podcast

Relevant for: Europe-Wide
Language: English
Main Focus: Podcasts

Life-hacking Europe. Finding the best country to study, work, invest and retire in. Which means: how to reach Financial Independence in Europe. Interviewing people who have achieved FI in Europe: business consultants, bloggers, investors, business owners and employees.

Firecrackers exp


Relevant for: Portugal
Language: English
Main Focus: Financial Independence

Welcome! Olá! Yet another personal finance / FI / FIRE blog! Yes…there are many over there. Let us introduce ourselves. Me and Mrs. Firecracker are a family of 2 in our early 30s, we are both proud Portuguese and we are newly weds who have decided during our honeymoon to start this blog. Personal finance has always been a topic dear to us and has kept us busy investing and saving since our early twenties. Do you want to follow our journey?

La Liberte Financiere exp

La Liberté Financière

Relevant for: Switzerland
Language: French
Main Focus: Financial Independence

I blog about how to become financially independent in Switzerland. I talk essentially about real estate and stocks. I have a different point of view because I dislike frugality, I prefer working hard and investing my money instead of saving pennies. | Je documente sur un ton décalé mon chemin vers La Liberté financière en Suisse. Chemin principalement axé sur l’investissement immobilier et bourse. Je suis contre la frugalité et je me bats en travaillant sur pour bien investir plutôt qu’économiser des petites sommes.

FIRE Sverige

Relevant for: Sweden
Language: Swedish
Main Focus: Financial Independence

FIRE Sweden is a website containing Sweden-specific advice related to personal finance and helping new readers discover the path to FIRE. | FIRE Sverige är hemsida med Sverigespecifika tips inom privatekonomi, samt att hjälpa nya läsare upptäcka resan till FIRE.

Finumus exp


Relevant for: United Kingdom
Language: English
Main Focus: Financial Independence

My blog is about compounding wealth, financial independence and the occasional bit of unconventional financial wisdom. I write about personal finance issues for what one might describe as ‘Medium-Net-Worth’ people, or those who aspire to be so. i.e. self-directed investors with a few million. I’m an ex financial services professional, so I’ve seen a lot from the inside. It’s somewhat UK focused when talking about tax rules, but is otherwise quite relevant to other Europeans.

South Wales FIRE exp


Relevant for: United Kingdom
Language: English
Main Focus: Financial Independence

FIRE isn’t all about saving every penny – but it is all about learning about saving & investing. My blog is aimed at helping people find their own path to FIRE – hopefully enabling them to take control of their money in the best way for them. Picking a different topic every 2 weeks and publishing, I hope to create a wide range of topics to help those on their FIRE journey. The blog is entirely free, with just a couple of affiliate links – if I think its really worth purchasing.

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