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FIREhub Is Two!

FIREhub Is Two! Wow, another year has gone by and our little community project is already two years old! It’s been another amazing and eventful year here at FIREhub central. Meetups! Back in May the whole FIREhub organisational team was reunited in Budapest at FIWE 2019, where we also recruited a new member to manage our Events section. In July we ran FIWE Family at Lake Balaton in Hungary where many adults and many, many kids hung out together at…

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Blog Post of the Month

Blog Post of the Month – December 2018

Our statistics revealed that the article with the most clicks in December appeared on the blog “Eyes on the Goal“. Kate app started the blog two years ago to document her journey to FI in only 5 years. Which article received the most clicks on to become the blog post of the month for December 2018? Read on and we’ll tell you!In the article “Update on The Goal: 2 Years In“, Kate celebrates her achievements (don’t worry, no boring…

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Announcing the Winners of Our 1st Birthday Competition!

Back a the start of October we launched a competition to celebrate’s 1st birthday. We asked you to tell us what you like about FIREhub and give us some suggestions on how we can improve and what new features you’d like to see. A big thank you to all of you who sent us suggestions. Today we’re happy to announce the winners, who will each get an FI book of their choice (drumroll please…). 1st Place: { in·deed·a·bly }…

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Happy Birthday FIREhub!

Yup, it’s hard to believe, but FIREhub is one year old. It really doesn’t feel like a whole year has passed since six of us gathered around a whiteboard during FIWE Extra 2017 and brainstormed about our big new idea for building a home for the European FI community. A lot has happened since then, and a lot continues to happen. We’ve put a lot of work into FIREhub but we’ve also had a lot of fun building it and…

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