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Thought Experiment: What Do You Do When You Retire? by @whatlifecouldb

Mrs W has retired early four years ago, so she can relate what she’s doing with all the free time now that she isn’t working any more. Hang on… free time? Not Working?

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FIRE in the Netherlands – continuing the talks

Last weekend it was that time of the year again. On a bloody hot summer day, we decided to sit inside all day talking about money, investing, wealth and other life questions that pass by when you’re on the journey to FIRE. Cheesy Finance had organized yet another NL FIRE Meet-up, one we could actually bike towards this time!

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Leuven FIRE Meetup Recap

Cheesy Finance: We just had a great weekend again with a lot of fun people. There was talk about money, dividends, permaculture and ethics, all while enjoying some good Belgian Beer! We also did an interesting (but rather chilly) city tour, courtesy of Amber Tree Leaves. Here is a (visual) Leuven FIRE Meetup Recap! Also, some of the presentations are available for download!

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