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Blog Post of the Month – November 2019

“It’s a bad plan that cannot be changed” says an Italian proverb. A young FIRE blogger from Norway had the ambitious plan to retire within 5 years, when he would be 36 years old. He wrote down a detailed plan how to realise this goal. Now, a little over half a year later, the blogger changed his plan. He reduced his FIRE number, i.e. the amount of money he thinks he needs to retire early, and also touched a well-known…

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2 Years And 8 Months Left Until Financial Independence – This Is My Plan! | Route 2 FI

Route 2 FI adapts his plan to retire in his mid-thirties. He takes into account the fact that he will still earn some money when FIREd along with his frugal lifestyle – under 20 000$ annual spending in an expensive country like Norway!

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Blog Post of the Month

Blog Post of the Month – August 2019

Is it possible to stop working for money, i.e. retire early because you are financial independent, by the age of 40? Is this only a plan for IT guys who earn 80k+ salaries or can this dream come true if you earn an average salary of 40k per year? Would it still possible if you had kids? Or a student debt you had to pay down before you can really start investing? How would a side hustle impact your journey…

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Cashflow Cop

Is Financial Independence by 40 on 40K Possible? – REALITY CHECK – by CashflowCop

The CashflowCop has done the maths for several scenarios: student debt or no student debt, higher or lower income, being in couple or not, having kids or not… When will Adam in the UK and Amy in the US reach Financial Independence?

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