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FIRE v London Article

Holding up the mirror to my own trading behaviour by @FIREvLondon

Minimalists and “2-ETFs-is-all-I-need”-investors should read this article only to confirm their own strategy. FIREvLondon examines how many transactions were made with his wife’s portfolio (80 positions) and his own (+200 positions) in one year and if he is more buying than selling.

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The Frugal Foxes

Freetrade: My stock picking journey begins by Thefrugalfoxes

Thefrugalfoxes over at starts their adventure with stock picking app Freetrade. If you are curious about stock picking, this is a great, non-intimidating place to start.

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Compound Your Freedom Article

Investor lessons from Warren Buffett’s 2018 letter to Shareholders by @cyfreedom

Ever wondered what the 88 year old Buffet and 95 year old Munger might do in their “old days”? Find it out by reading Compound Your Freedom’s review of Buffet’s letter from a long term investor’s perspective, and a selection of top quotes within it.

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Battle of Dividend Stocks (2017 Results and 2018 Battle)

The Road to One Million: Last year’s Battle of Dividend Stocks was a bit forgotten around June, but I was interested to see how did the two portfolios perform over the year. Also, there were a few nominations for the 2018 battle. In this post you can see the starting line-up of this year’s contestants.

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