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Compound Your Freedom Article

Investor lessons from Warren Buffett’s 2018 letter to Shareholders by @cyfreedom

Ever wondered what the 88 year old Buffet and 95 year old Munger might do in their “old days”? Find it out by reading Compound Your Freedom’s review of Buffet’s letter from a long term investor’s perspective, and a selection of top quotes within it.

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Financial Gladiator

Successfully Timing the Market by @financialgladi1

‘Time-in-the-market’ or ‘timing-the-market’ – the debate still rages. Contrary to the Boglehead buy-and-hold mantra, @financial.gladiator explores the market timing strategies he currently employs and lends some advice to novice investors in this thoughtful piece – recommended reading!

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Retire in Progress Article

Will I be comfortable withdrawing from principal in Early Retirement? by @retireinprogres

Many people base their FI strategy purely on a variation of the SWR strategy. But can you imagine actually selling stocks to cover your expenses? An interesting question indeed…

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