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The FIRE Shrink

(Belated) Full English Accompaniment – Ways to Skin a Bear | The FIRE Shrink

The FIRE Shrink discusses the changes in the markets this week. Animal lovers will find bears, bulls and a black swan in the article.

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Get Financial Independence exp

Financial Independence Is Worthwhile for Me, You and Everybody. Period. | Get Financial Independence

Get Financial Independence reminds us of the ever-present risk of becoming unemployed and argues that even small steps towards FI can help you in the event that you suddenly lose your job.

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Recession Prediction and the Media (September 2019) | MonkWealth

Will there be a recession? Yes. The question is: when? Media predict it nearly every month. So, what to do? MonkWealth has collected an entertaining bunch of charts, quotes and thoughts about recession.

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Compound Your Freedom Article

Why I Am Optimistic About Future Investment Returns | Compound Your Freedom

Gaining financial independence requires discipline in saving and investing so staying the course is vital. Staying optimistic will provide motivation over the long term.

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Financial Independence Rocks! exp

Stress Test – Are You Ready For A Recession?

Many useful questions you should ask yourself now as we might be just before a recession. Katrin from FinancialIndepenceRocks has experienced a recession before, in which she lost her job. Prepare yourself with her stress test!

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