The Escape Artist Article

What I’ve Learnt in Therapy | The Escape Artist

An article mentioning cocaine, self-development, Mr. Money Mustache, self-sabotage and more. The Escape Artist enrolled in a counseling course and shares what he learned there.

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Radical FIRE exp

7 Steps To Become A Healthier Version Of Yourself (Financially & Fit) | Radical FIRE

Radical FIRE shares what she changed in her life to make it more healthy, but there are also changes that affected her savings rate, in a positive way of course.

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Podcast: Financial Independence and What It Can Mean for Your Mental Health | Alex | FI Europe Podcast

Podcast: Financial Independence and What It Can Mean for Your Mental Health | Alex | FI Europe Podcast The relax edition of the FI Europe Podcast 😉 The guest in this podcast is Alex, a 31 year old working as a psychiatric nurse – so he has seen a a lot of mental stress issues being caused by financial matters. He talks about financial independence as an antidote, how to manage stress related to money and finances, sleep/meditation apps and…

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Blog Post of the Month

Blog Post of the Month – June 2019

Most of us are somewhere on our way to Financial Independence and Early Retirement. And some have already reached this goal, they stopped working in 9-to-5 jobs. No wonder that bloggers who retired early receive a lot of interest in our community. Erith is one of these early retirees, she quit her job at age 56. That was already some years ago – time for her to look back on what she has done with all of her free time.…

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