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Blog Post of the Month – April 2019

It’s been a little quiet here on in the last days as the complete FIREhub core team and some of the curators have been in Budapest at FIWE (Financial Independence Week Europe). So, a little later than usual we present here the blog post that received the most interest last month. It had the provocative title “FUCK the 4 % rule – My Detailed Plan For How I Will Become Financial Independent In Only 5 Years!” and received a…

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Cracking Retirement Article

Retired or not Retired? by @crackinggems

Erith from Cracking Retirement takes exception to the people who say that once we reach FI we should stop doing anything that makes money. She argues that being FI gives people the freedom to choose what they do and what they do should be their own choice.

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Podcast: Can You Reach FI in Spain? | ¡Al Fin Libre!| by FIEurope

Podcast: Can You Reach FI in Spain? | ¡Al Fin Libre!| FIEurope interview Jesus who reached FI aged 33. He’s from Spain and has lived in the UK. Olé and cheers! You can read the full transcript here. Podcast created by

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What Life Could Be exp

Thought Experiment: What Do You Do When You Retire? by @whatlifecouldb

Mrs W has retired early four years ago, so she can relate what she’s doing with all the free time now that she isn’t working any more. Hang on… free time? Not Working?

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