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Stoicism: Lessons for Financial Independence | Dr FIRE

“We should concern ourselves with that which is under our control, and handle everything else with equanimity.” (Epictetus) Dr FIRE draws lessons from old hellenistic classics to the current stock market, retiring early, minimalism and luck.

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Get Rich with…Cooling Off Periods | The Escape Artist

Investing, disputes at work, buying stuff, getting married – the cooling off principle applies to it all. Bonus: the Escape Artist’s Turd In The River Principle. Stoicism applied to the 21st century!

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How Much Money Is Enough To Live The Good Life? Part I | Route 2 FI

“As we get richer, each additional unit of money will be less and less valuable to us, until we reach a point where it doesn’t make sense to pursue more.” This prediction by the economical philosopher Keynes was wrong. Here’s why we don’t have 15-hour work weeks.

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Does Your Job Define You? | Radical FIRE

“What do you do?” is a common question when getting to know someone. It usually means “What job do you work in?”. The answer to this question leads to interesting results, as Radical FIRE has experienced.

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Episode 072 – Why You Lie About Money In Your Relationships (And How To Fix It With Radical Honesty) | Tuulia Syvänen | Financial Independence Europe Podcast

The Financial Independence Europe podcast interview an expert in radical honesty about how being honest about money can improve your relationships.

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