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Leaving the Cushy Job | Retire in Progress

Mr RIP quits. He doesn’t. He quits. He doesn’t. He does. No. Yes. Maybe. He does. Maybe.. When? …But the truly interesting questions is: will he use the resignation letter FIWE participants wrote him a couple of years ago in Timisoara? HahahaaaaTell us Mr RIP 馃檪

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Get Rich with鈥ooling Off Periods | The Escape Artist

Investing, disputes at work, buying stuff, getting married – the cooling off principle applies to it all. Bonus: the Escape Artist’s Turd In The River Principle. Stoicism applied to the 21st century!

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{ in路deed路a路bly } Blogroll exp

Budgeteering | { in路deed路a路bly }

{ in路deed路a路bly } reflects on how little many people within corporations question whether what they’re doing is actually adding value and helping their company achieve its goals. Most of them are just plodding along.

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The Escape Artist Article

What I鈥檝e Learnt in Therapy | The Escape Artist

An article mentioning cocaine, self-development, Mr. Money Mustache, self-sabotage and more. The Escape Artist enrolled in a counseling course and shares what he learned there.

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