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Blog Post of the Month – June 2019

Most of us are somewhere on our way to Financial Independence and Early Retirement. And some have already reached this goal, they stopped working in 9-to-5 jobs. No wonder that bloggers who retired early receive a lot of interest in our community. Erith is one of these early retirees, she quit her job at age 56. That was already some years ago – time for her to look back on what she has done with all of her free time.…

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Podcast: Can You Reach FI in Spain? | ¡Al Fin Libre!| by FIEurope

Podcast: Can You Reach FI in Spain? | ¡Al Fin Libre!| FIEurope interview Jesus who reached FI aged 33. He’s from Spain and has lived in the UK. Olé and cheers! You can read the full transcript here. Podcast created by

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9 Week Road Trip Report – Part 3

After writing part 1 & 2 earlier, it’s time to sit down and write this 9 Week Road Trip Report – Part 3. In between finishing the rather long to-do list…. Anyhow, we start this overview in southern Italy, go to Croatia and travel onwards to Slovenia. Enjoy the pictures!!

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