Cashflow Cop

How to Reach Financial Independence by 40 on 40k – UK vs. US

The CashflowCop has put together an extensive and well-structured beginner’s guide to Financial Independence. It includes a calculator and also some thoughts that are interesting not only for newbies.

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TuppenysFIREplace Article

The Fundamental MUST Haves For Your Fabulously Frugal Home by @tuppennysfirep2

Many tips and links for newbies and if you are already into frugalism you can check if you can still optimize or find new ideas over at TuppennysFIREplace.

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The Poor Swiss_old

How much will you spend in retirement? by @thepoorswiss

Did you think about the budget you will need per year from the day you retire until… well, you pass away?  This is indeed a key question that every one of you should really think about! @thepoorswiss published this nice article about the topic. Enjoy

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