Cashflow Cop

CSI Finance: Every Contact Leaves a Trace (Locard’s Principle) | Cashflow Cop

The Cashflow Cop takes us on crime scenes and presents us compelling exhibits. Find out if you are guilty of a financial ‘crime’ by reading his excellent article.

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The Ultimate No Spend Challenge Guide – Save More Money | Radical FIRE

Build up your emergency fund, save for a mini-retirement or simply boost your savings rate on your way to FIRE with a no spend challenge. Radical FIRE has put together some tips to help you do a successful no spend challenge – for one day, one week, one month or longer.

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Podcast: The benefits of a frugal lifestyle | Oliver from| by FI Europe Podcast

Podcast: The benefits of a frugal lifestyle | Oliver from| by FI Europe Podcast |   Oliver lives with his girlfriend and baby daughter in Germany. He leads a frugal lifestyle and wants to retire at 40. In the podcast, he shares some life hacks and his story. You can read the transcript and show notes here. Podcast created by

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How “Elements Of Freedom” Will Change Your Route To Financial Independence by @Route2FI

Philosophy – Identify your “why”; Psychology – Reduce spending; Work Ethic – Increase income; and Finance – Grow wealth. These are the four pillars around which a new book on FIRE evolves. Route2FI has written an extensive book review.

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