2017 Financial Overview

Road to One Million: Happy New Year dear readers! It’s 2018, the 3rd year of our journey towards financial independence. There is a lot behind us. 2017 meant a lot of happiness and unfortunately also a bit of sadness for us. All together it has been a good year, and from a financial perspective it definitely feels good. Of course it is time to do a year end review, therefore instead of feelings, let the numbers talk!

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2017 – yearly report

Here’s earlyretirementinuk’s yearly report for 2017. He did a lot of things last year: full time job, agency job, crypto-mining, matched betting, interest, royalties, internet and crowdfunding real estate. Spectacular! Here’s the post.

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Pollies Dividend Article

Work Freedom Day 2017

In 2015 Pollies Dividend stumbled upon the idea of “ Work Freedom Day”. This is the day of the year where you’ve accumulated enough dividend income during the year to no longer need to work. This Work Freedom Day is introduced by Dividend Life. As he wrote, for early retirees, that day would be January 1st but for many of us still on the FI Journey it’ll be somewhat later in the year.

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