Pollies Dividend Article

Milestone: Portfolio Value Reaches €100,000

Last week I reached a new milestone with my Vrijheid Fonds. At the closing of the market on Wednesday my Vrijheid Fonds reached €100,493 ($117,111) for the very first time. My portfolio is all about dividend income, and therefore I’m not as concerned about my total portfolio value. But it is still nice to see the value increases with new capital and capital gains.

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June 2018 Financial Overview

It has been a while since I last wrote a post. Many things are going on at the moment. We are in the middle of a renovation, Mrs. Roadrunner has started to work on a project, we had our well deserved holiday, plus there are something always going on that keeps us busy all day. It’s a pity you cannot get more time and it is only the wasted time that compounds…

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Retire in Progress Article

Playing with FIRE

Mr. RIP from Retire in Progress looks at his excel sheets to calculate how, when and where he and his family could FIRE. It’s surprisingly earlier than he thought.

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