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Mrs Money Hacker exp

What We Learned from Our Mini-Retirement | Mrs. Money Hacker

Mrs. Money Hacker and her husband learned some valuable lessons from their mini-retirement in Portugal. Definitely worth a read for those of you considering moving abroad once you reach FI.

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Ignite My Fire exp

Planning for Retirement, What Do I Need to Know? | Ignite My FIRE

This article puts together a pretty comprehensive list of the questions you should ask yourself about your life after reaching FI. While some of the financial points are specific to Ireland, those of you in other countries can also use the list as a jumping-off point for finding out about the equivalent provisions in your own country.

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What Life Could Be exp

FIWE 2020 Timișoara – Apply Now! | What Life Could Be

This year’s FIWE (Financial Independence Week Europe) is focused on FI for impact, live FI before FI and why FI. It’s also become officially a FIREhub event 🙂 If Romania is too far for you, there are similar events organised accross Europe. Check out the article to learn more.

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Blog Post of the Month

Blog Post of the Month – Janurary 2020

Somewhere in your journey to FIRE, you most probably do the maths to see when working for money would become optional. Some people, including bloggers, even have a countdown, counting the years, month, days until they can quit their job because they have saved enough money to live off. But what if something changes on the path to FIRE? Are your calculations correct? What if the money you saved is not enough!? Weenie from Quietly saving is getting nervous as…

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The FIRE Shrink

Quarterly Returns – Q4 and 2019 in Review | The FIRE Shrink

The Shrink is in an early state of the FIRE journey, currently building up his emergency fund and starting investing. He shares his real numbers, progesses and goals with us (including reducing his carbon footprint).

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