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What Is the Opportunity Cost of Financial Independence? | Foxy Monkey

“FI is not going to make you happy just by reaching it”. Michael writes about opportunity costs, risks, fulfilment, and the power of having options.

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Blog Post of the Month – September 2019

Save a lot, invest wisely and in a couple of years you can say goodbye to the job you hate: no more commuting to work, no more boring meetings, annoying bosses or co-workers! You have done the math, you will use the 4% safe withdrawal rate and all will work out perfectly. There are already bloggers who retired early, this proves that it’s possible. You just need to be 100% focused on your goal and your growing net worth. Most…

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5 Misconceptions About Financial Independence | MonkWealth

Have you ever talked to colleagues, friends or relatives about FIRE and got responses like “it’s impossible” or “…but I like my job!”? Then go read this great article over at Monkwealth.

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Podcast: Enjoying the road to FI | Michael from Playing with FIRE| by FI Europe Podcast

Podcast: Enjoying the road to FI | Michael from Playing with FIRE| by FI Europe Podcast | Michael didn’t enjoy his full time web developer job any more. So he went part time and started side husteling. Enjoying the journey to FI instead of focusing too much on the goal is the name of the game, as he is currently living a semi-retirement. This allows Michael to focus on his family (he has three kids) and passions. Another topic of…

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