How to Contact FIREhub

Contact FIREhub

The main reason we created this site was to connect with people and build the FIRE community in Europe. That’s why we’re always happy for you to contact FIREhub.

We love to get feedback about our site, but you can also just write to say hello if you like. Building the European FI community is important to us, so we love to hear from anyone who’s part of it. And we just like meeting new people in general.

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions for us, you can contact us at the following addresses:

  • General topics: hello[at]firehub[dot]eu
  • Events: event[at]firehub[dot]eu
  • Wiki: wiki[at]firehub[dot]eu
  • Technical issues: admin[at]firehub[dot]eu

Alternatively, you can use the Give Us Feedback form to let us know what you think about FIREhub.

What Not to Contact Us About

Please note that we’re not in this for the money – FIREhub isn’t a business. That means we don’t pay for content and we don’t write sponsored articles. Please do not contact us regarding the following topics. We don’t respond to these types of e-mail:

  • Offers from professional writers asking to write articles for us for money
  • Offers for us to write articles for a commercial website
  • Sponsored posts
  • Link swaps
  • Affiliate programmes
  • Any other commercial projects
Give Us Feedback

If you have any ideas for new features you’d like to see on FIREhub or suggestions on how we could make FIREhub better, please give us feedback.

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