European Stock / Dividend Growth Investing Blogs

European Stock / Dividend Growth Investing Blogs


These blogs focus generally on stocks or on stocks that regularly pay out increasing dividends. Typically, the focus is on companies that have paid out increasing dividends for at least ten years in a row. A dividend aristocrat is a company that has increased its dividend for more than 25 consecutive years. This strategy provides investors with an income stream through dividends, which can be motivating for investors and interesting for early retirees.

Critics argue that strategies that focus on dividends are not sufficiently diversified, and that companies that don’t pay out dividends can also be great investments.

Before investing any money, please do your research to make sure you understand how the investment works.

In Danish:


Udbytteinvestoren (Denmark)

Udbytteinvestoren omhandler, hvordan jeg vil stoppe med at arbejde når jeg bliver 35. Jeg har et fokus på især danske og nordiske aktier, samt ejendomme. Bloggen er meget transparent og du vil kunne se udviklingen i mit nettoformue i realtid.

In English:

Broke Investor Blogroll exp

Broke Investor (Lithuania)

A husband and father from Lithuania, slowly moving towards Financial Independence. I love triathlon, economics, politics, reading books.

Dividend Cake

Dividend Cake (Belgium)

Patrick is a Belgium-based personal finance expert. A passionate horse rider, frugalist, investor, photographer, author, and travel enthusiast, he started his financial independence journey in 2013 after losing more than 30% of his net worth.

Dividends are Coming Blogroll

Dividends Are Coming (Belgium)

A “young guy” from Belgium who focuses on dividend growth investing.

Engineer My Freedom exp

Engineer My Freedom (Ireland)

Engineer My Freedom is a blog about a European man’s journey to financial independence following a dividend growth strategy. This blog will also detail other tips and tricks that I pick up on my way to FIRE.

You can listen to Derek’s interview on the Financial Independence Europe Podcast here.

European Dividend Growth Investor exp

European Dividend Growth Investor (Poland)

Trying to give a European perspective on dividend growth investing and show/prove that it’s possible when living in Europe. I try to focus for >50% of my content to focus on European stocks. I find this a gap in the current blogging community, because it’s still US dominated even by European bloggers. I also created the Noble 30 index, 30 European companies with very long track records in paying growing dividends.

Financially Free in 10 Years

Financially Free in 10 Years (Netherlands)

I’m a Dutch guy in my mid-thirties using the alias Mr. Robot. I live together with my wife and small kid in a nice house in the southern part of The Netherlands. By day I’m active in the IT-industry by evening/night I’m aspiring to be a finance ninja with a goal of full early retirement at 55.

My Financial Shape Blogroll

My Financial Shape (Luxembourg)

A guy in his forties, married with two children, blogging about his thoughts on various topics around personal finance and wealth building. The goal of this blog is to show the author’s journey to a self-determined and exciting life.

Pollies Dividend Blogroll

Polliesdividend (Netherlands)

A 40-something old guy from The Netherlands tracks his progress towards his ultimate goal of financial independence by age 50.

Stockles Blogroll

Stockles (Norway)

A guide to using investing and stocks as a tool to FI based on personal experience.


Swedendivin (Sweden)

I am around 30 years Swedish Dentist who is a Dividend Investor, hence SWE DEN DIV IN. I’m the guy on the path to Financial Independence. I am one of the only FIRE bloggers out of Sweden who posts in English and I post everything from my monthly net worth and all income and expenditures to information about the everyday work of a dentist. Join me on this journey!

The Stashing Dutchman Blogroll

The Stashing Dutchman (Netherlands)

Albert is a Dutch guy in his mid 20s. He’s a dividend growth investor and aims to achieve financial freedom.

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