European P2P Investing Blogs

European P2P Investing Blogs


These European P2P investing blogs focus on a strategy that involves lending money to individuals (or sometimes businesses). A platform is used to bring the lender/investor and borrower together, meaning that it is often possible to invest automatically and in small sums per loan.

P2P investing provides a regular income stream (interesting for FIRE!) and yields high returns of typically more than 10% or even 15% per year. However, this yield comes with an increased risk (or even multiple risks) and it is highly recommended that you invest only a small percentage of your portfolio in P2P loans and that you diversify across several platforms.

Before investing any money, please do your research to make sure you understand how the investment works.

In English:

Ample Invest exp

Ample Invest (Luxembourg)

Ample Invest is a fast-growing personal finance blog dedicated to peer-to-peer lending, passive income ideas and working less hours. Launched in 2019 with the aim of covering an array of alternative finance topics, Ample Invest focuses on new and exciting investment types such as crowdinvesting and crypto-lending and provides in-depth articles and serious platform reviews.

CrowdlendingRocks exp

CrowdlendingRocks (Denmark)

I recently became lean financial independent and during 2019 I will not be working, but traveling most of the time, living only of passive income. I have been in Brazil for 3 months at the start of the year and will later visit Riga and Tallinn during the summer to take a closer look at the crowdlending platforms that I invest with. In the fall I will visit Chang Mai, Thailand. Articles are mixed FIRE, saving, free stuff, travel on passive income and lean financial independence.

Euro Investor Club exp

Euro Investor Club (Lithuania)

As a FIRE follower and a person from a lower-income country, I started my fire journey following more risky investments into p2p loans. This also allows me to grow faster when compared to the stock market while investing smaller sums.

Financially Free

Financially Free (Denmark)

Everything you will find on the Financially Free blog is presented with full disclosure and transparency. I strip down naked for you and and unveil my income and expenses, my investments, my failures and my successes. Talking about money is a taboo for many people. I would like to change that.

You can listen to Jørgen’s interviews on the FI Europe Podcast here and here.

Global Peer-to-Peer Lending Blog exp

Global Peer-to-Peer Lending Blog (Spain)

The independent peer-to-peer lending blog for investors, developers and enthusiasts worldwide. Join the fintech revolution!

Not Your Average Investor Blogroll

Not Your Average Investor (Estonia)

Don’t be fooled by the domain: I am as average in every sense of the word as it gets. Middle aged dude, married with a kid, boring office job. Started investing in stocks, real estate and P2P lending in 2014 when I turned 35. On this site I will document my journey towards financial independence and (hopefully) early retirement.

P2P Banking exp

P2P Banking (Germany)

P2P-Banking is a leading industry news blog on marketplace lending. Reaching an international audience the blog features interviews with industry leaders. CEOs of several European platforms have contributed guest posts. A highlight is the monthly overview table of loan originations by platform.

P2P Income exp

P2P Income (Greece)

A peer-to-peer lending investment blog. Here you will find my monthly income reports, platform reviews and bonus offers from peer-to-peer lending platforms.

P2P Market Data exp

P2P Market Data (Denmark)

Data from the P2P lending & equity market, quality articles, investor bonuses and more.


Revenue.Land (Spain)

Revenue.Land is about making our life easier by knowing how to manage, save and invest our money wisely. Investing alone is not enough. It is crucial to understand what makes us happier and maximize our “ROI” so we have more quality free time. It’s not for lazy people. It is for smarter humans with higher targets than working and consuming. P2P lending is obviously in focus these days, but we always keep our eyes open for the next opportunities.

The Obvious Investor exp 2

The Obvious Investor (Portugal, UK)

I am an already retired (old’ish) FiRE Starter. My blog is targeted at helping new and “mid journey” FiRE Movement folks to find the right investments to retire early. Also targeted at offering alternative ideas for early retirement such as alternative living locations. Providing information on cost of living and funds needed to retire comfortably. Each month I publish my actual investment return numbers and investment ideas.

You can listen to Mark’s interviews on the FI Europe Podcast here and here.

The Working At Home Man exp

The Working At Home Man (Sweden)

The Working at Home Man is a financial independence blog written by the stay at home dad Matt. Matt started his financial independence journey in Australia before he moved to Sweden in 2017. He now invests through various European crowdlending platforms and tracks his returns through his blog. Topics on the blog include working at home, earning passive income from investing in crowdfunding loans, reaching financial independence, and creating a sustainable future.

In German:

P2P-Kredite exp (Germany)

Investieren in P2P-Kredite. Die besten Renditen. Anbieter Vergleich. Risiken. Tipps. Ich schreibe seit 2007 über meine Erfahrungen mit P2P-Krediten. Im Forum tauschen sich über 2500 Anleger über Ihre Strategien und Resultate aus.

Passives Einkommen mit P2P

Passives Einkommen mit P2P Privatkrediten (Germany)

Tipps zum Aufbau eines P2P Kredit Portfolios, passivem Einkommen und vielem mehr.

In Italian:

P2P Investing exp

P2P Investing (Italy)

Ho deciso di creare questo blog per mostrare il mio percorso verso l’indipendenza finanziaria, usando alcuni degli strumenti più in voga, come ETF e soprattutto gli investimenti Social e P2P. Monitoriamo mensilmente i progressi, voglio sentire anche la vostra opinione e esperienza. Seguitemi e diffondiamo il verbo del FIRE anche in Italia.

In Spanish:

Invertir en Préstamos P2P exp

Invertir en Préstamos P2P (Spain)

Mis experiencias invirtiendo en préstamos P2P. Todo lo que necesitas saber para empezar a invertir en crowdlending. Una forma de inversión alternativa muy rentable, si conoces cómo minimizar los riesgos. Te cuento cómo hacerlo paso a paso en el blog, de forma fácil y sencilla. Invertir en plataformas de crowdlending está al alcance de todos, porque se puede invertir desde muy poco dinero, hasta grandes cantidades. Todo lo que necesitas saber sobre crowdlending aquí.

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