European Personal Finance and General Investing Blogs

European Personal Finance and General Investing Blogs


These European personal finance and general investing blogs cover a wide range of finance and investing topics. Most are written by bloggers who are working towards FIRE.

The general investing blogs focus mostly on the investing side of things and cover different asset classes such as stocks, real estate, and ETFs. Many of the bloggers also give us insights into their own portfolios or write about investing psychology or the economy.

The personal finance bloggers focus more on lifestyle and mindset. Many of them post regular savings/net worth updates. They also blog about various financial topics such as minimalism, pension plans, investments, tax strategies, and ideas on how to make more money.

In Dutch:

Groeigeld exp

Groeigeld (Netherlands)

Dit is een no-nonsense blog over voldoende vermogen opbouwen om goed van te leven en eerder te kunnen stoppen met werken. Groeigeld dus. In mijn posts vind je meer over het waarom en hoe van mijn aanpak, oa via dividend growth investing (DGI).

In English:


DutchIndependence (Netherlands)

A 23-year-old Dutch personal finance enthusiast dreaming of financial independence who recently started working full time in the financial sector. I write about my portfolio and updates and my opinions on stocks and strategies. And also my journey to learn more and more about the world of finance. I am all up for friendly chatting and/or discussions about our mutual interest: Finance! Enjoy my blog and come say hi!

Euromoney exp

Euromoney (Belgium)

Here you can join on a roadtrip to a higher passive income! Since savings accounts make no money at all I am eagerly looking for better sources of income and ways to make my money work for me. In this blog you can see how my passive income changes (hopefully in the right direction!) and my investments grow. Additionally, you can learn how you can save more and invest better by reading how I did it. Hopefully this will inspire people to go the same way.

Free Financial Self

Free Financial Self (Israel)

Combine FIRE passion with location independence and create workations or mini-retirements. A couple in their 30s with a 3-year-old daughter, building the life THEY want. Click in for advice and inspiration.

You can read Shlomo’s Bloggers on FIRE interview here.

You can listen to Shlomo’s interview on the FI Europe Podcast here.

Monevator Blogroll

Monevator (UK)

Long-term bloggers The Investor and The Accumulator collaborate on a blog that aims to inspire, not tell you exactly what to do in your life.  Monevator is about getting rich — a bit — slowly.

Money Mage 2 exp

Money Mage (UK)

Who doesn’t want more money? Who doesn’t want a higher paid job with fewer hours? Who doesn’t want to semi-retire tomorrow? Unless you are in the top 20% of earners, you’re becoming relatively poorer every day. The capitalist, consumerist draws on your frugal lifestyle make such dreams seem unrealistic. I am Money Mage and I’ll be writing on wealth, using money wisely, savings and investments, living frugally, frugality hacks, living well, looking after yourself, and having fun.

Money Side Up exp

Money-Side Up (UK)

My blog is about helping people to feel more optimistic about personal finance. I use scientific research and my own personal experience to break down the barriers to saving money and investing. I originally created the blog to document my experience of trying to achieve ‘financial independence’ on an average UK salary. Then I came to realise the importance of having a positive relationship with money and how science and psychology of money can help with this.

One Million Journey

One Million Journey (Spain, UK)

I’m Tony, a friendly Spanish guy living with his girlfriend in the UK. I am on a super ambitious journey towards achieving a one million Euro portfolio. I’m conscious that I don’t need that much to become FI, but possessing a million has been an obsession of mine for a long time. I use my blog as a personal tool to help me do that while I improve my writing and meet other like-minded people. My main investing vehicles are Stocks & Shares ISA and P2P lending. Come and say Hi! 🙂

Pursue FIRE exp

Pursue FIRE (UK)

My name is Dan and I’m 42-years old. I live a normal life in the beautiful countryside of the South East of England, with my wonderful wife and three young children. Three girls 6 years and under….. yikes! There’s one overarching reason why I am obsessed with the topic of achieving financial freedom and retiring early. “I want to spend my time with people I love, doing things that really matter”.


Stalflare (Italy)

A globetrotter (from and currently working in Italy), who has a passion for food, games, travel, and photography. And also for creating a sustainable future by managing savings, expenses and long term investments. All pictures on the site are originals taken on Stalflare’s frequent trips.

In German:

KM-Finanzen exp

KM-Finanzen (Switzerland)

KM-Finanzen ist ein Schweizer Finanzblogger mit Masterdiplom. Er gibt unabhängige finanzielle Tipps um Dir den bewussten Umgang mit Geld zu zeigen.

In Portuguese:

Mais que Poupar exp

Mais que Poupar (Portugal)

O meu nome é Inês e sou uma Money nerd. Quero ajudá-lo a poupar mais e aprender a investir de forma descomplicada. Se quer sentir que controla o seu dinheiro e que ele trabalha para si, está no lugar certo.

In Romanian:

Mischu exp

Mischu (Romania)

Salut! Sunt Mischu, traiesc in Germania si scriu despre calea mea spre independență financiară. Focusul de investiții este pe: ETFuri, dividend growth stocks și REIT.

In Spanish:

ahorrainvierte exp

ahorrainvierte (Spain)

ahorrainvierte es la web para aprender a ahorrar y a invertir: Cuentas, Depósitos, Fondos de Inversión, Robo advisors, Acciones y brokers, Recursos y Promociones…


Futuroh! (Spain)

Ser financieramente independiente me ha dado la oportunidad de hacer las cosas que siempre quise hacer y dejar mi trabajo rutinario.
Si quieres saber cómo lo hice, visita mi blog y comienza a construir tu propia libertad financiera.

Hacia la Libertad Financiera exp

Hacia la Libertad Financiera (Spain)

Bienvenido a la web de referencia sobre inversión donde aprenderás todo lo que necesitas para ser un buen inversor y ganar dinero. Me gustaría ayudarte a darte cuenta de que ganar dinero invirtiendo, obtener alta rentabilidad en tus inversiones y alcanzar la libertad financiera es posible, sólo hay que seguir unos pasos. Voy a documentar mi viaje hacia la libertad financiera, y compartir contigo todo el conocimiento que acumule en el camino. ¡Empecemos!

In Turkish:

Sabit Gelirli exp

Sabit Gelirli (Turkey)

Sabit Gelirli Bir babanın yeni doğmuş oğluna 18 yaşına geldiğinde portföyünü devretmek için verdiği finansal kararları anlatan bir blog. Türk borsasında yatırım yapması dışında tasarruf ve finansal özgürlük konularında da bilgilendirici yazılar yazıyor.

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