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FI Meetups

FI is all very well, but there comes a point when reading blogs and doing online research can feel isolating. Often there’s nobody in our immediate environment who we can talk to about our amazing new discovery. That’s where local FI meetups come in.

The moment when you walk in to your first local meetup and realise that you’re not the only weirdo FIRE nerd in your town is both scary and refreshing at the same time. It can be incredibly valuable to meet other FIRE enthusiasts in real life to discuss financial independence, frugality, and more.

How to Find FI Meetups

The quickest way to find out about FI meetups happening soon all over Europe is to take a look at our events calendar. We add new events all the time so make sure you check it out regularly.

We also have a list of European FIRE Groups that currently features over 50 groups in over 20 countries. If you can’t find a meetup near you in our events calendar, why not try contacting your local group directly? Maybe someone in the group is willing to organise one.

Organise Your Own FI Meetup

If you can’t find any meetups near you and nobody in your local FIRE group is willing to organise one, why not organise your own FI meetup? You can use our nifty Suggest an Event form to tell us about it. We’ll help your get the word out by adding it to our events calendar and sharing it on our social media channels.

Financial Independence Week Europe (FIWE)

FIWE stands for Financial Independence Week Europe. (The acronym is pronouned “five”, like the number, not “fee-wee”.) It’s a meetup for like-minded people who are excited about financial independence, lifestyle design, minimalism and mindfulness. You can find all the details here.

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