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Free FI Tools

Free FI Tools exp

Here are some free FI tools you can use to help you on your way to FI. They’ve been created by people in the European FI community who were looking for a suitable tool but couldn’t find one. We thought we’d share them with you too since they address common problems that no doubt many of you out there have.

If you know of any other free tools you think would be useful to others in the FI community, feel free to tell us about them at hello [at] firehub [dot] eu.


FIRELEAP is a completely free FIRE/net worth tracker. The author created it because he wanted a tool for tracking his own data, and since Personal Capital is not available for Europeans, he had to make one himself. This means that it is more or less targeted for an EU audience. It allows you to keep track of your path to FIRE and lets you see how other users are doing. It also gives you statistics on FIRE in various countries. is the first ever dating website specifically for the FIRE community. If you’re all set with dating (lucky you!), you can use it to look for like-minded friends instead.

Guide to International and European Bond ETFs

Compiled by Banker on Wheels, an ex Portfolio Manager and Institutional Advisor that witnessed first hand the 2008 GFC and the 2011 European Debt Crisis working for the most prestigious names in the financial industry.

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