Yup, it’s hard to believe, but FIREhub is one year old. It really doesn’t feel like a whole year has passed since six of us gathered around a whiteboard during FIWE Extra 2017 and brainstormed about our big new idea for building a home for the European FI community.

A lot has happened since then, and a lot continues to happen. We’ve put a lot of work into FIREhub but we’ve also had a lot of fun building it and keeping it going. We’ve discovered a tonne of blogs from all around Europe that we didn’t even know were out there, and we’re adding more all the time.

Thank You!

We’d like to thank our curators, our country ambassadors, and all of you who’ve shown your support for our idea by subscribing to our weekly digest, following us via RSS, joining our facebook group, and following us on twitter. We’re doing all this for you guys, and your participation is what keeps us going. Without you there would be no point.

Ce-le-brate Good Times, Come On!

To celebrate this important milestone we’ve decided to run a competition. To enter, simply use the Give Us Feedback form to tell us one thing you like about FIREhub and one thing you think we could improve on. The three entrants who come up with the most interesting answers will win an FI book of their choice, and we’ll implement their suggestions as soon as humanly possible. (Obviously we’ll try to implement all the suggestions, but the winning suggestions will get priority.) The closing date for entries is October 31st, with the winners being announced on November 7th. We can’t wait to hear what you come up with!

Mr RIP’s Big Idea

By the way, since you’re reading this we assume you’re passionate about the European FIRE community. Which means you might be interested in helping out Mr RIP with his mammoth new project: creating a European Early Retirement Guide. We’re really excited about the project and are looking forward to the brainstorming phase of the project. If you have any skills you can contribute, Mr RIP would be glad to hear from you.

FIREhub’s First Year in Numbers

To round up, we’ll leave you with some statistics about FIREhub’s first year. What other stats would you like to see?