Introducing Bloggers on FIRE

For the last couple of months, we at FIREhub have been very busy working behind the scenes on an exciting new feature. Today we’re proud to present you the fruits of our labour: Bloggers on FIRE!

Full credit for the idea goes to { in·deed·a·bly }, who first suggested it as his entry to our 1st Birthday Competition back in November, and for which he won first prize.

The idea is to interview European FI bloggers so that the community can get to know them better. Over time we’ll build up a “who’s who” directory for the European FI blogging world, which will be more interesting than just providing you with a boring list of hundreds of blogs.

Each installment will consist of two parts. The profile card shows the blogger’s “vital statistics” so you can get an at-a-glance overview of who the blogger is. The interview digs deeper into the blogger’s backstory, their reasons for working towards FI, what stage they’re at on their journey, and so on.

We’d like to thank { in·deed·a·bly } not only for coming up with the idea but also for working so closely with us on this project over the last few weeks to get it up and running. His feedback has been invaluable and his patience never-ending!

Since he came up with the idea, we thought it was only fair that he gets to be our guinea pig kick off the series. Without further ado, we give you Bloggers on FIRE – { in·deed·a·bly }.

Please let us know what you think of the series. We’d love to know whether you think it adds value. Is it interesting? Are there any questions you think we should add to the interviews? Which blogger would you like us to interview next?

You can find a full list of our Bloggers on FIRE interviews here.