Please Welcome Our New Bloggers (December 2019)

Happy New Year everyone! At FIREhub HQ we’ve finally come out of hibernation and we’re getting back to normal. Sorry this post is so late :-S

Please give a warm welcome to the new kids on the FIREhub block. It seems like the FIRE movement in Ireland is really taking off, with new blogs and meetups galore. Well done guys!

P.S. Don’t forget to give us feedback – what could we do better and what new features should we add to the site?

Financial Independence Blogs

Ignite My Fire exp

Ignite My Fire (Ireland)

Vince runs the Financial Independence meetup groups in Ireland. He brings his findings, learnings and experience to the Ignite My Fire blog. He discusses Financial Independence aspects based on living and working in Ireland.

10 Year Target exp

10 Year Target (Norway)

The blog is about my journey towards financial freedom. I like to invest in a lot of different asset classes and learn about new ones. On the way I share my thoughts and knowledge about investments, dividends, crowdfunding etc.

Frugality Magazine exp

Frugality Magazine (UK)

From drowning in debt to gaining financial control this blog charts a real-life financial transformation and the lessons learned along the way. The author started the site to keep himself accountable, while struggling to keep up with even the minimum payments on his consumer debt. Six years later and he’s paid off his debt, bought his first home and has savings and investments for the future.

Frugal Personal Finance exp

Frugal Personal Finance (Ireland)

I’m James, late thirties single male working towards FIRE since mid-2018. I blog about the fugal habits, investments and property investing ambitions that I am involved in while striving to maximise my free time. I am also in the process of minimising my life, changing my habits for the benefit of the environment and learning new DIY skills.

Personal Finance and General Investing Blogs

Mais que Poupar exp

Mais que Poupar (Portugal)

O meu nome é Inês e sou uma Money nerd. Quero ajudá-lo a poupar mais e aprender a investir de forma descomplicada. Se quer sentir que controla o seu dinheiro e que ele trabalha para si, está no lugar certo.